wooden tree swing

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Hang this wooden tree swing in your backyard, and you'll have a hard time convincing children to come inside for dinner. Sit on the smooth, sturdy wooden seat, grasp the soft, braided rope, kick off and fly freely through the air.
Item#: 4572
Size: 12" diameter, includes 20 feet of rope
Made In: USA
Material: cherry wood
How to Attach Swing to a Tree

Eye Bolts Carefully drill a vertical hole all the way through the center of the branch, and insert a 1/2” diameter or larger, corrosion resistant eye bolt, using washers and nuts to secure it to the tree. The tree will eventually grow around the bolts, making a permanent installation. This method eliminates friction on the bark, but it does cause damage to the tree. To make your rope last longer, attach a heavy-weight, quality carabiner to the eye bolt, then tie the rope to the carabiner.

Rope A tree swing can be attached to the branch using rope as long as you take steps to prevent the rope from cutting into the tree bark. If you choose to tie the rope around the tree branch, use a running bowline (or other slipknot) that will loosen when the swing is not being used, to allow to the tree to grow larger without being girdled by the rope. To protect the bark, use a rope sleeve or a piece of rubber tubing to reduce friction.
Please read before use:

Change in climate can cause your wooden tree swing to crack, swell
and warp. Check the swing before each use for wear and tear, failure to do so could result in injury. To ensure a longer/safer swing life regularly treat the wooden seat with a water sealer. Seats that are not treated and maintained will deteriorate rapidly and will not be safe to use.

When hanging a tree swing, be sure to consider:
Tree Type The branches of a sturdy hardwood tree are best for a tree
swing – oaks are ideal. Avoid fruit trees, evergreens, or trees that split easily.

Branch Size A tree swing needs a horizontal branch at least 8” in
diameter that is no more than 20’ off the ground.

Branch Condition The branch chosen for a tree swing must be
healthy. Inspect the branch from trunk to tip, and avoid branches that show any signs of infestation, disease, splitting, or narrow connections to the main trunk. And above all, don’t use a dead branch!

Clearance The branch should be large enough that the swing can hang at least 4’ away from the trunk without the branch bouncing.

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Beautiful and Fun!

by -

This is a gorgeous, very well made swing. We hung it in the front yard; it's as beautiful a decoration as it is fun to use!

Great Swing

by -

Easy to put up and easy to swing in. My kids love it and it looks beautiful in our tree.

Gorgeous swing, beautifully made

by -

My daughter requested this swing for Christmas & we couldn't be more pleased. The swing is thick & strong, as is the braided rope it came with. It's a delight to look at, touch & ride on. There are cheaper swings out there, but the quality of this swing more than makes up for the extra cost.

not for little kids

by -

this is a lovely swing. unfortunately I bought it for my son who is too light to ride it - he just slips right off the back. I am sure he'll enjoy it when he is bigger - for now it just scares him to try to ride. I'll have to enjoy it for him until then. it really is lovely though, beautiful heavy wood.

Great swing!

by -

This wooden swing is of very nice quality. It also comes with a long sturdy rope. I am very happy with it and my grand daughter was thrilled. Oh, also comes with instructions on how to hang it. You need to purchase an eyebolt.

Beautiful Swing

by -

This swing is beautifully made, and I’d designed to last. The wood is thick, sturdy, and soft to the touch, and the rope is of generous length as well as strong and thick. Never disappointed with my Nova Natural purchases!


by -

Their product if really amazing and very nice in design and presentation. I wanted to purchase wood tree swings as well and been browsing some other designs in treeswingstore.com

primary joy of my children

by -

For decades, classic tree swing have been the primary joy of my children when playing outside on long summer days. It is very entertaining for them, but they can be leisurely as well. We love this swing and is suitable for the child and adult alike. We love it and it is visually appealing and fun for my whole family!