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The candlelight casts shadows on this board game, and the gnomes must find one another in the shadows to keep their secrets. Children especially enjoy this cooperative game in the dark evenings of winter when the contrasting shadows and light evoke a quiet intensity. While they must work together to help the gnomes reach their goal, an adult should help guide the candle safely through the adventure.
Item#: 4660
Age: 5+ years old; 2-8 players
Made In: Germany
Adult supervision required for candle use.

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9 reviews

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Shadows in the Forest is STellar

by -

We love this game. The kids at school play it, we play it at home, it's perfect for dark rainy days. Will try with a larger group (adults) over the holidays.

Hours of interesting FUN!

by -

found this in the Nova Toys catalog that randomly showed up in the mail... My daughter got many nice gifts, but this was what she wanted to be involved with first! we waited till dark and played! 2-8 players, just her and I first. we LOVE it! She said it is the most interesting game she's ever played. that is saying a lot, because she loves board games and has an extensive collection of unique games. she had a group of friends over the next night, we all played a couple more times. it is intriguing, mysterious, and challenging. highly recommend if you are looking for something off the beaten path!

I love that there are

by -

I love that there are two games in one in this box and my son is absolutely captivated by the game. He loves thinking through how to keep the dwarves in the shadows of the trees as the candle moves across the board. This game inspires strategic thinking in enticing ways.

Game for granddaughter's birthday

by -

Bought this for my 6 year old granddaughter's birthday. Have not given it to her yet. But I am told it is a very much wanted gift and the anticipation of getting it is growing. Will be a great fall/winter board game for the family.

My boys love it!!!

by -

I got this game for Christmas. I have 3, 7, 10 year old boys. It's a perfect game for long dark days of winter, and they just loved it. It's about team work and strategy. Also It's adorable. Kids are naturally attracted by the light of candle too. It adds mysterious excitement to the game and to the dark winter nights!

Shadows in the woods

by -

Best kids game ever!!

This game is so fun!

by -

This game was an immediate hit, for my kids but also for my husband and myself. It's beautifully made and just a joy to play.

Lovely family

by -

Lovely family

AMAZING NEW GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The game Shadows In The Forest is amazing! We had so much fun playing it with a group of varying ages of people (10 years-50 something). We all had to work together to stay away from the light. Our only complaint is that the game should have included more than one tealight.