Yellow Skyline Zipline on Recall

Dear Valued Nova Natural Customer,

Our Records indicate that you have purchased or received a Zipline sold by Nova Natural Toys & Crafts under item SKU's 4889-60 FT or 4889-90 FT. Please continue reading this important safety recall message.

The zipline manufacturer, Bring Your Adventure Sports (BYA), has advised Nova Natural of a product safety recall affecting certain ziplines manufactured between August 2013 and July 2015. The recall concerns ziplines with the following bar codes found on the bottom left side of the packaging: 7456111220012 (60-ft.) or 7456111220036 (90 ft.). The BYA logo and “Skyline 60 (or 90) Zipline Kit” is printed on the front of the packaging. Products in question are easily identified by the yellow trolley handle. A crimp in the zipline can fail allowing the cable to pull free or become slack while in use.

If you have a Zipline with a yellow handle or the above barcodes, immediately stop using the Zipline and reference the Bring Your Adventure Sports website using this link or contact Bring Your Adventure Sports directly at (303) 443-0163 for more information. If your Zipline is subject to this recall, Bring Your Adventure Sports will send you a replacement kit free of charge.

If you purchased this product as a gift, please pass on this information or call us at (877) 668-2111 and we will send this letter to the gift recipient.

All of us at Nova Natural are committed to providing our customers with the best products and service. We regret any inconvenience this has caused; however, your safety is most important to us. Please call us at (877) 668-2111 if you have any questions regarding this safety notification.

Logan Brown
Manager, Customer Satisfaction