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Children love having this cape in their dress-up box. It's an easy, versatile costume. Tied around the neck, anyone becomes fairy royalty. Its shimmer and gossamer texture add elegance to every affair.
Item#: 1878
Age: 3 - 10 years old
Size: 32" long, 18" across shoulders, 35" wide at hem
Made In: Imported
Material: 100% Silk

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One cape many wearers

by -

My children, a boy and a girl both have used this cape since we got it a couple years ago. They pretend to be so many different characters with it. It is quite long. Maybe Nova could come up with a shorter version that would fit children 2-5 better. Overall, great product.


by -

This item was in my niece's gift registry. I clicked from the online registry and purchased the item. My niece's address is also the preferred shipping address. In spite of that, Nova shipped the item to my address (which I can only attribute to some website error), thus insuring that it would be late for her birthday. When I called to ask why it was shipped to me and what they would suggest doing, they said that it would be fastest for me to mail it directly to my niece, which I agreed. I asked that, since I had to repackage and ship it myself, that the cost of shipping be refunded to me or they do something appropriate to compensate for their error. (When I purchased the item, I had thought that the shipping was quite costly, $9.90 (a 33% premium on the cost of the item), given that it was actually mailed by USPS at a first class rate costing less than $3.) Unfortunately, the conclusion was that Nova decided that 'what was appropriate' was to do nothing. I paid full price including the Nova shipping charge and another shipping charge to mail it to my niece to fix their error. Of course, the birthday present was received late, which is not good for a six year-old. My simple conclusion is that it is appropriate to stop being a customer of Nova. Yes, they have some nice items, but there are other companies who deal with their errors and treat their customers with respect.