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Written by beloved Swedish author and illustrator, Elsa Beskow, Pelle's New Suit is a wonderful tale of giving and receiving. We follow Pelle as he tends his lamb who gives him wool which his grandmother spins after he tends her cows, and so on, until he finally receives his new suit. A sweet lesson in the origins and process involved in making the woolens we wear.
Item#: 1282 LRG
Age: 3 - 9 years old
Size: Hardbound, 29 Pages 11.75" Tall, 9.5" Wide
Made In: The Netherlands

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one of my favorites!

by -

I love how this story beautifully describes each step required to making a garment while showing children how to cooperate, give and receive, and live in a community. I recommend this to every family with young children. I never tire of reading it... and I will probably feel the same many years from now reading it to my grandchildren.

Essential picture book

by -

This was our first Elsa Beskow. We will always love this book and still read it.


by -

A simple but wonderfull story about clothe's making and mutual aid.

Wonderful story

by -

This is my favorite Elsa Beskow story. The illustrations and story are simple, tender and rich. This is a beautiful tale to read with your children.


by -

Very sweet gentle story that helps children to see the process of where Pele's new suit comes from. it has been a favorite of my son since we bought it when he was 3 and still a favorite at nearly 9!


by -

This enchanting tale of how young Pelle makes a new suit is such an important process for young children to read about. We do a fair amount of sewing/knitting in our house, but this story really helped walk my children through the entire process of how our clothing comes into existence.

Favorite Else Beskow Book

by -

This has been a family favorite since my sons were babies. It is a beautiful, simple story with a lovely message. How often do children's books depict little boys tending their grandmother's farms? Just a delight and utterly timeless.