incan drum

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Each side of this drum produces a different tone. The colorful head of the beater and the webbing are handmade. Please Note: The color of the webbing may vary.
Item#: 4271
Size: 10 .25" Diameter
Made In: Peru
Material: The drumhead is made of real hide. Plywood of Peruvian oak, pine, cedar and walnut wood.

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Beautiful Drum

by -

This drum is beautiful. I fell in love with it the moment it came out of the box, and so did my one-year-old. The sound is perfect, just what I was looking for. And the mallet is irresistible to a toddler. My older daughters love it, too.

A good drum for us

by -

I got this for my son when he was three. It has a nice sound, and it is gratifying to have an instrument of such good quality. When not in use, we hang it up on the wall, where it is safe and looks nice. My daughter (now three) loves to beat on it while I play the guitar.

A Family Favourite

by -

I bought this for my daughter when she was a year old. I wanted her first instrument to be a 'real' instrument, and I wasn't disappointed. Besides being beautiful, it produces an agreeable sound, so unlike most children's drums these days! My daughter is now over five years old, and the drum has held up to lots of play from her and her brother and is still a family favourite.

Soft, lovely sound

by -

I wanted a softer sounding drum with a mallet for the kids to play during our music time. This was a perfect fit! It's beautiful to display when not in use. I highly recommend it. The sound is beautiful.

A Marvelous Drum!

by -

I have a very musical 4 year old boy that I ordered this for. I wasn't sure if this drum would be a good fit but we ALL love it. It had a wonderful sound and it's not overwhelmingly loud. It's a drum to make your heart sing - well worth what it costs!

It's a beautiful drum, with

by -

It's a beautiful drum, with a lovely sound that can be loud or soft.