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Written by a reading specialist, these books are phonetically based using simple words designed for the early reader. With characters like Sam Cat, Nat Rat, Len Bug & Jen Slug, the stories in this series are humorous tales of animals and nature. The text builds slowly through the books helping young readers feel the thrill of both challenge and accomplishment.
Item#: 4300
Age: 4+
Size: Six softbound books, 15 Pages each
Made In: USA
Sam Cat and Nat Rat: This pair begins by annoying each other and then end up friends.

Ned and Fred: A pig and a dog don’t think they’ve got much in common, but discover they both love to do the same things.

Len Bug and Jen Slug: It’s amazing how much fun you can have and what you can learn from those who are very different from you.  

Jake the Snake: Jake doesn’t like moles (and probably a lot of other creatures, too!), but decides to change his mind after getting to know one.

Tim’s Boat: Tim builds a toy boat for himself, but discovers it was really built for three other creatures, too.

Kay and Jay: Kay and Jay are two snails who have lots of fun playing together. One day they are caught in a hail storm and have to help each other find shelter. When the sun comes out, the play begins again.

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We had been search for early readers that would fit into our children's Waldorf and Enki curriculum and finally found these. They are a delightful and humorous stories to read, and are well thought out in terms of increasing difficulty and word families. I am grateful for their help in teaching my son to enjoy reading.

great early readers

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we have been using these for a few years now in our home. they are great beginner books, engaging stories, and slowly become more challenging with each book. they are a wonderful addition to our homeschooling.

a good start

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I used these books as part of my Waldorf homeschool program. They are nice little early readers with little nature type stories that are engaging to emergent readers. I plan on using them again with my two younger children. A nice start to reading.


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The early readers are simple and fun for my children to begin reading on!

Delightful Stories. Worth the Money

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My 5 year old daughter is growing in her ability to read. These readers are wonderful for her as she quickly gained mastery, and they increase (subtlety) in difficulty. They are skillfully written with a great plot and lots of repetition of challenging words. The illustrations are lovely and gentle. They engage the imagination as unlikely animal friends find ways to help each other or find ways to reconcile their differences--such sweet endings! At the end of each reader are the letter sound-words listed in columns for review. I am so happy that I made this purchase. Thanks!

Not very appealing

by -

The stories created with sight words were great, but the illustrations were black and white and of poor print quality. Not very appealing.