children of the forest

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Like all of Elsa Beskow's books, this tale is lushly illustrated and gently told. Children of the Forest relates the tale of a family of forest people through all the seasons of the year. The four children play with the animals who inhabit the forest, learn from the wise old owl and help their parents to prepare for the coming winter.
Item#: 1279
Age: 3 - 5 years old
Size: hardbound, 32 pages, 9.5" tall, 11.75" wide
Made In: The Netherlands

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Lovely book

by -

This book is full of lovely pictures of nature at its most magical. This is one of our favorite books.

Pure joy

by -

We all love this book here! It's so nice to learn about nature and daily work through these little peoples!

She weaves her stories together so well...

by -

A master storyteller. Any book by Beskow is golden. It has a lightness to it, and the simple humor is perfect for the age group. The illustrations are worth hanging up. Order two copies and frame some of the pieces!

this book sparked something special

by -

My five year-old son loves this unique book. The children of the forest were part of his play for quite some time after he received this book as a gift. He would talk about them often, open the door to let them in the house, and encourage the rest of us to look out for these precious friends.

Adds to our hikes

by -

My children love this book! It has become a family favorite. My favorite part is when we go on hikes in the woods, my children are now on the look-out for signs of the forest people. I love seeing the stories we read become a part of daily activities.

Timeless story that is a joy to read

by -

My kids and I adore this story. The pictures are beautiful and the story has a nice blend of fantasy (fairies and personified animals) and reality (pay attention when your father teaches you about storing mushrooms or you could get sick!). It's one of those stories that all the kids listen to without distraction, even though they have heard it many times. I find that all of Elsa Beskow's books have a rare timeless quality; we can leave this book on the shelf for 5 months and then suddenly one of the kids requests it for bedtime and it's received as if they've never heard it. This book is one that will be asked for again and again over the years, unlike many books I have bought for my children that they enjoy for a time and then never glance at again. I'd also recommend Woody, Hazel and Little Pip, also by Elsa Beskow.

Children Of the Forest

by -

I've loved this book for years--reading it to all 6 of my children--now I'm giving it as a gift to my children--3 to date---love Elsa!!