baby's wool hood

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Ruskovilla Organic Wool Hood is the better baby hat. This balaclava-style hood covers head, ears, and neck and is just snug enough that babies can't easily take it off. It also won't slide into their eyes. This woolen garment is made by Ruskovilla Oy, a Finnish company deeply committed to quality and the environment at all phases of production - from raw materials to the finished garment. The organic wool is ethically produced in South America and the yarn is spun in Germany.
Item#: 3385
Size: 0-1 Year
Made In: Finland

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wool cap

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My daughter has worn this cap since she was a newborn. It is so soft and warm. It stays on even when she tries to take it off. As a toddler she can put it on herself. I always know that she is warm and snug wearing this hat. It also fits wonderful under a bike helmet and an additional bulkier wool hat when it is really cold outside. Would highly recommend.

Warm and cozy

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This hat is well made, stay in place and keep our dear babys warm. Livong in the mid-north of Canada, I know something about bad hat and icy ears...

Worth every penny

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When I bought my balaclava a few years ago for my son I thought $25 seemed like alot of money for one 'baby hat' but I now know that it was worth every penny! I found that none of the other 'regular hats' that I had fit my baby's head very well and were always falling off, so we eventually gave up on them and only used the balaclava. The peace of mind it gave me knowing my baby's head and neck were comfortable and warm were priceless. My baby was born in October and he wore the balaclava all winter and most of spring.

Just what I needed to keep baby warm

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I love this little balaclava! It fits well and keeps my little one's head and neck warm from the wind. I will probably still put a hood or warmer hat on top of it for when it's really cold out, but I will be a lot less worried about the cold now. Also, everyone who has seen it so far thinks it looks really cute, so bonus. :)

Perfect hat for baby

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My 4 month old wears this hood every day. It is perfect for breezy summer days, as well as daily in the fall and spring but needs to be paired with something warmer in winter. It keeps her neck warm and makes carseat seat belts more comfortable. Adorable, soft, and functional... Would highly recommend!