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The gentle swinging motion of our Baby Hammock soothes a baby all the way from smiles to sleep. It can be adjusted to both an opened and a closed position for play or for sleep. Because it includes a five-point harness, you will know baby is safe. Securing the hammock to the ceiling is easy with our Chair Hanging Kit. Sold separately, this kit includes a carabiner, hook and steel loop. Please note: This product is not intended for overnight use.
Item#: 3954
Age: 0 - 12m
Size: the spreader bar is 31" long and the hammock has a carrying capacity of 44 pounds
Made In: India
Material: 100% organic cotton including filling in pad with bamboo spreader bar

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Nice, but tricky to use

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My baby enjoys his time in the hammock. However, I have a difficult time getting him into the hammock because the sides flop over and the padding folds up when not in use. The buckles get tangled and are awkward to position. I have to dig under the wriggling baby to find them. Once he is in and buckled, he enjoys the swinging motion.

Beautiful hammock, but not very functional!

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I was so excited to have this beautiful hammock as a safe, snuggly place for my newborn to sleep and spend awake time as well. I started putting my son in there when he was a few weeks old, and he really seemed to like the gentle movement, and ability to see the ceiling and toys I strung from the top bar. It is pretty awkward to actually put the baby in, especially as they grow bigger.
It definitely didn't work for us to rock the baby to sleep, and then transfer to the hammock, by the time we'd get him between the hammock and the bar and clip him in, he'd be awake.
Also, my son developed his motor skills super early, and by his third month, he was reaching out to the ropes that suspend the hammock and pulling on them. As he grew stronger, he would pull on the ropes while rolling over, and even while clipped in, he'd manage to end up sort of on his side. I was afraid he'd end up pulling himself out, or getting tangled in the ropes. It was pretty scary, and I contacted Nova Natural about it, but they simply said they/the manufacturer hadn't heard of this happening. I sent pictures for troubleshooting, but never heard back from them. I did make sure, though, to clip my son in securely.
This is a beautiful hammock, and it got so many compliments, but it simply wasn't functional for us beyond several weeks of use - far less than the up to 15 months the product claims.
I gave it a low quality rating because of the limited functionality and in my view, limited safety of the product. However, the product is actually very well made, and so lovely.


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We purchased this for our baby when she was about 3 months old and hung it from a beam in our living area. It took a bit of practice to figure out how to place the baby in and get her all buckled up but once I got my system I could do it quickly. Our baby really enjoyed just hanging out in the hammock looking around and loved it when we made the hammock gently swing. It definitely came in handy when she needed some soothing and we needed a break! Unfortunately, I felt the hammock's useful life was pretty short lived because as soon as she learned to sit up on her own, she would try to sit up in the hammock and kick her feet until she got them out and over the bottom of the fabric. It seemed a bit scary at that point so we passed it along to our friends for their infant.